MY ONE AND ONLY is uncovering the family connection in “My Favorite Parts of You”. 

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Husband-wife duo MY ONE AND ONLY is set to release their new single “My Favorite Parts of You” on May 7 on all streaming platforms.  With its sparse production, “My Favorite Parts of You” gets right to the heart of the matter – family.  The home-grown lyrics and harmonies drive this tune, accompanied by minimal acoustic guitar, banjo, and even some spacey steel guitar.   Ben and Kassie of MY ONE AND ONLY wrote and self-produced this song in their own Greensound Studios. 

“My Favorite Parts of You” delves into the depths of family connection – what it means to be a daughter, a son, a parent – with some true-to-life lyrics about Kassie and her mom.  Starting out decades back at Kassie’s mom’s general store in Alabama, and finding our way to her mom’s dinner table with “boiled pinto beans, large elbow mac and cheese”, “My Favorite Parts of You” takes us on a journey into what has made who we are today.